The houses internal skin is timber frame with an external skin of blocks and a 50mm cavity . This is clad either in coloured render or “Cedral” concrete fibreboard. The timber frame is filled with 140mm of soft insulation and then another 50mm of rigid insulation on top .

The ceilings are sprayed with open cell foam insulation .

The entire house is airtight and so a mechanical ventilation system is in place which also recycles the heat from the extracted air. There are NO drafts in this house .

The floor is formed from 180mm of concrete mixed with polystyrene beads . Underfloor heating pipes are placed on top of this in 50mm layer of liquid cement .

The windows are highly energy efficient triple glazed timber/ aluclad

All the light fittings are energy efficient LEDs.

All this means that the entire house maintains a very comfortable temperature of 21-22 degrees at all times.

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